Selections from my work as part of Into the Woods, a music-media collective based in Portland, Oregon. ITW produced and recorded live performances, music videos, and long- and short-form documentaries of local & international acts in non-traditional venues throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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Far From Home #26: Eleanor Friedberger - Camera Operator, Producer

Far From Home #23: YACHT - Camera Operator

Feels Like Home #44: Au - Camera Operator

Feels Like Home #45: Death Songs - Camera Operator

Feels Like Home #47: Neal Morgan - Camera Operator

Feels Like Home #42: Laura Gibson - Camera Operator

Feels Like Home #46: Aan - Production Stills, Co-direction

B-Sides #4: And And And - Camera Operator

B-Sides #3: Secret Drum Band - Camera Operator

More about ITW:

Working in rotating crews, this small collective released over 150 original videos within 4 years on an entirely non-commercial basis. Members contributed countless hours outside of our day jobs and freelance gigs to planning, production, editing and mixing, review and feedback, writing, web maintenance, and the organization of quarterly video premier fundraisers. ITW filmed bands in some insane locations--lava tubes underneath Mt St Helens, a lazer tag arena, inside an '82 Vanagon--and pushed the boundaries of what music documentary could be with series such as Car Sick, which captured electronic musicians performing inside vehicles while being driven around town. I am extremely proud of the work we made, the cooperation involved, and to have been a small part of this concerted effort to preserve the unique and varied voices coming out of our humble corner of the country during this rich musical era.